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Take back your direct online orders, win back your customers, and save on 3rd party fees with an all-in-one restaurant ordering solution.
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Online Ordering

Take back control of your restaurant's online sales with a custom branded online ordering solution of your own.
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Easy Marketing

Become a restaurant marketing pro without all of the hard work. We'll help you get in front of hungry buyers in your local markets.
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Your Own Delivery

Hiring drivers is expensive and tedious, so we just provide them for you! Offer delivery to your guests without all the hassle.
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Empower your restaurant

It's time to take back your customers and revenue from the 3rd party delivery platforms. YourMenu gives you the tools you'll need to offer your own online ordering and bring these people back to your 1st party ordering platform.

Take Back Your Revenue from 3rd Parties

Stop forking over 20% - 30% to 3rd party platforms and start your own 1st party ordering website

Most restaurants rely on 3rd party platforms to drive sales for them online. Unfortunately, this means you have to pay them a high premium for these orders which is normally between 20% - 30%. On the other side of the order, they're charging your customers delivery fees, service fees, & even fuel surcharges which total to another 20% - 30%.

So, the 3rd parties are making 40% - 60% per order, while you gain no new customers and watch your margins slip away. Is there a solution? Yes, take back your revenue with a 1st party ordering system.

Own Your Customers

Gain realtime access to your customers so you can keep them coming back.

New customers are great, repeat customers are what keep the doors open. According to the National Restaurant Association, a loyal customer will spend up to +$6,000 alone at your restaurant over their lifetime.

YourMenu helps you collect customer information to grow your organic marketing. From there you can remarket to your audience and drive traffic back to your store and online ordering.

Grow Your In-Store & Online Traffic

Generate new & repeat customers by showing up when they're hungry.

YourMenu leverages the power of Google Ads, Yelp Ads, Facebook Ads, and other major platforms to put your restaurant in front of hungry locals.

No need to become a marketing expert, we're here to do that for you!

Offer Delivery Without the Hassle

Say goodbye to the hassle of employing drivers and the ridiculous fees from 3rd parties

Long gone are the days of hiring your own drivers who end up costing an arm-and-a-leg, are increasingly unreliable, and require extra time to manage and train.

Instead, take advantage of white-label delivery and simply bag up the food for an assigned courier to deliver.

What restaurant's are saying about YourMenu

YourMenu is used by tons of restaurants who are fed up with giving 20%-30% of their revenue to 3rd party delivery giants. Hear what restaurants using us have to say about their experience with the platform.
Thank you YourMenu for helping us lower our 3rd party delivery bill! We're now able to offer our own delivery and pickup at a much lower cost to us and the customers. We were even able to customize the website to match our brand and business.
Rabi Dangol
The Perfect Blend
After our re-opening, we started working with YourMenu to bring our new deli menu online for guests to order from. Since we are a mainly a market, we did not want to have to hire and manage a bunch of drivers to offer delivery for our new deli. YourMenu is amazing because you get your own drivers without the hassle of hiring and managing them."
Chandra Soma
YourMenu has helped us set up online ordering for the restaurant and get more direct orders. I'm now saving $1,000s each month in 3rd parties that I was paying before. The best part is that they help me market to new customers and my existing customers which keeps the orders coming in. I recommend YourMenu to any restaurant who want to take control of their own online ordering!
Clay Oven Restaurant company logo
Ajay Pradhan
Clay Oven Restaurant
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Win back your customers and get more 1st party orders

Are a majority of your online orders coming from 3rd party platforms? It may seem like an impossible task, but that can change!  YourMenu has helped restaurants convert a majority of their online orders back to their OWN 1st party ordering platform.

YourMenu 1st Party Ordering

Take back your revenue from the 3rd parties with your own 1st party ordering platform.
Easily host your menu online and offer delivery, dine-in, and pickup for your guests. Let your customers skip the 3rd parties and order with your restaurant directly!
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Customer Loyalty

Stay in front of your local market and at the top of customers minds without becoming a marketing expert.
Automate and scale your paid and organic marketing with YourMenu's marketing automation suite.

Unlike the 3rd party delivery platforms, YourMenu lets you own your customer and their data.
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Smart Upsells & Cross-sells

Increase your average customer spend by 10%-30% with intuitive upsells and cross-sells.
Learn how to influence your customers spending just like the big 3rd party platforms do. With YourMenu, you can easily implement upsell and cross-sells across your online menu causing customers to spend more and increase your average ticket.
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Responsive Marketing Site

Your competitors have an amazing website, you should too.
Hook up your own domain to YourMenu to unlock a complete multi-page marketing website. Each website comes full of rich on-page SEO and keywords designed to bring you to the top of search engine results and drive online traffic.
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Get Started With YourMenu

Start taking back your restaurant's customers and orders! Our team will help you through the way and get you converting 3rd party orders in no time.
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